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Money Management Master Class: It's not personal; it's business.

How to separate your personal finances from your small business finances and thrive in both.

Hi, I'm Nicole; and I'm a Money Coach.

My superpower is helping others understand their current relationship with money. If money is sneakily sabotaging your life, then I can teach you how to claim back mastery over your money.

Do you wake up breathless because you're worried about finances...But you have no idea how to make those scary pangs in your chest go away?

You know, those things that you keep doing even though you know they're hurting you?? Yeah, that's the stuff we can put a STOP to together!

If you have patterns that are causing you stress, I want to help you leave them behind (once and for all!) so you can live your best (and RICHEST!) life.

Want to Streamline your Financial Overhaul with 1:1 Help?

I offer lots of options to help you get on track.

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"I saw Nicole speak in person, and I immediately knew I HAD to work with her. Just four weeks later, and my ENTIRE perspective has changed. I'm finally having FUN again in my biz! Nicole made me realize I'm a money-making machine. She showed me how to take action and stop getting caught up in the stuff that doesn't matter."

Jenni Waldrop

NSH Money Coaching Testimonial
NSH Money Coaching Testimonials

"I have so much to share about my experience with Nicole but I’ll try to boil it down to a few sentences. First, she is the greatest investment you will make in yourself and your financial security. Second, she will not do it for you, but she will teach you HOW to do it! She is so invested in you and helping you live your absolutely best life in balance with your finances. Cannot recommend more!"

Madison Hartung